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Top 12 Requested - Robert Kiyosaki

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ProgramCritique.com Review:

Robert Kiyosaki is an expert on real estate investing. He was born as Robert Toru Kiyosaki on April 8, 1947 in Hawaii to a family of educators. He is a fourth generation Japanese-American. His father was head of education for Hawaii. After high school, Robert completed his education in New York, joined the U.S. Marine Corps, and later went to Vietnam as a helicopter gunship pilot. After his return from Vietnam, he worked as a sales executive in the Xerox Company. He is married to Kim. Robert has appeared on Oprah and other television and radio shows in the Unites States.


Robert Kiyosaki is a famous businessperson, investor, and successful author. His famous book - Rich Dad Poor Dad became the #1 New York Times bestseller. This book highlights how people work to earn money but they are unable to make money work and earn for them. In 1985, he founded an international education company to teach investing and business to thousands of students worldwide.


Rich Dad Poor Dad enumerates his personal experiences. His biological father is poor dad, who teaches him to get educated, earn and save money. Rich dad is his fatherís closest friend who dabbles in real estate, earns a lot of money, becomes rich, and drives many beautiful cars. His rich dad teaches him to invest in knowledge and on things which will earn for him. Hence, his rich dad propagates investing in small amounts into income-generating investments to become rich in the long-term. This book has excellent concepts, which sure will bring success to your business.


Robert Kiyosaki stresses real estate or such businesses which garner benefits of taxes. He says these score over the usual ownership of securities and mutual funds. He has a few games to enumerate the various processes of becoming rich. Cashflow 101, the first game teaches you to come out of the usual race for money by investing in assets, which generate more income than any expenses you incur on them. A slightly advanced game, Cashflow 202 deals with different investment strategies and stock options. Kiyosaki has games for all age groups like Rich Kid, Smart Kid, and Cashflow for Kids.


Rich Dad Poor Dad is successful in transporting many workers to the platform of entrepreneurs. It has prompted many people to take up the path of business as the main direction in their life. They defer from the usual fare of attending school, taking up a job, working hard to pay bills, and investing in safe enclosures of mutual funds. This book has made many people think about business options and make a profitable living out of it.


However, there are many critical comments about Robert Kiyosakiís acclaim to fame. Many questions remain unanswered about his success as a businessperson and an investor before setting up CASHFLOW Technologies, Inc. Accusations are that his millions of dollars are from the sale proceeds of his books and audio presentations, which do not enumerate any personal experiences. Besides, his revelations do not have any concrete base and just brush over the issues and matters. The identity of the existence of the rich dad is another major issue.


Customer Reviews for Robert Kiyosaki:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Think about what makes you say what you say: Chris from Huntsville AL USA 2 Stars. 65 of 84
The Rat in the Rat Race: Matthew from Greenwich, CT 1 Star. 481 of 569
The right mindset above all!: Wilson Ong from Quezon City, Philippines 4 Stars. 109 of 120
An advocate for financial literacy!: Omega from New York, New York 4 Stars. 151 of 157
Robert Kiyosaki's Books Okay...But: The Town Billionaire from New Jersey 3 Stars. 74 of 108
Quantum Leap: L.A. from Washington, D.C. 5 Stars. 122 of 144
Is Rich Dad Real?: JL Anderson from Hawaii 5 Stars. 553 of 601
Robert Kiyosaki: Dejavu!: Jeffrey Manor from Dothan, Alabama 1 Star. 52 of 148
Try the Cashflow games!: Mike Markham, Owner, MWM Investments from Houston, Texas, USA 5 Stars. 96 of 131
Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Alan from London, UK 1 Star. 38 of 51
Financial Literacy-The Foundation of Personal Wealth: Dale T.-Licensed Optician from Cincinnati,Ohio 5 Stars. 11 of 12
Robert Kiyosaki's Information is Excellent for a Beginner: Jamie from Washington, DC 5 Stars. 16 of 17
Bookish Knowledge Dropped By Robert Kiyosaki: John from Singapore 5 Stars. 0 of 1
Robert Kiyosaki Book was a Good Read: James Pott from Melbourn, Victoria, Australia 4 Stars. 3 of 4
Robert Kiyosaki Provides Good, Easy Advise: Wendy Manav from Altamonte Springs, Florida 5 Stars. 3 of 3
The Good and the Bad of Robert Kiyosaki: Joe Trevison from Erie PA usa 2 Stars. 2 of 4
Want to be Rich...Ask Robert Kiyosaki: Anonymous from USA 5 Stars. 7 of 7
This is not a blueprint...it is motivation and basics: John Raschke from Chicago, IL USA 3 Stars. 8 of 8
Robert Kiyosaki Will Help Change How You Think: KD from San Ramon, CA 4 Stars. 3 of 4
Rich is a state of mind...: Milo Oakley, Investor from Scottsdale, AZ USA 5 Stars. 1 of 1
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