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Network Marketing (M.L.M.) - Pampered Chef

Number of Customer Reviews for Pampered Chef: 34
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ProgramCritique.com Review:

If you are looking for kitchen tools and any other aid in cooking, look for Pampered Chef. Since 1980, the company has been committed in directly selling high quality kitchen tools, which includes 150 gourmet kitchen gadgets, cookware, cookbooks and other foodstuffs. It is hard to find wide product range with excellent quality together at one place except Pampered Chef. 

Launched in the in August 2000, Pampered Chef has become the multimillion-dollar enterprise today across United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany. In those times, being a fast growing business in the UK, Pampered Chef was once rated as the fastest growing privately owned business in the states in the Fortune Magazine. Moreover, Random Publication house has recently published a book on Pampered Chef.


After tracing the history, one may find that Doris Christopher is the woman behind the foundation of Pampered Chef. She was a home economist and educator, probably a driving force behind “Party plan” which was another way of promoting pampered chef. In this, a homemaker can invite her friends and this is how the products were demonstrated and sold. Total representatives of Pampered chef were more than 70,000 and through home shows and party plans, products were sold. These shows included cooking tips, product descriptions and delightful recipes with bridal expos all across the country.

After few years of attaining popularity, party plan was not able to cope up with the changing standards. In the year 2002, Pampered Chef was sold to Berkshire Hathaway, which is a conglomerate owned by a billionaire Warren Buffett. In 2002, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Corporation made 730 million dollars of sales after exploring more markets in Germany, UK, Canada and USA. 

Pampered Chef is a great company for a “retail” kind of business only. However, if one wishes to set up a multi-level payout then it becomes difficult to cope up with the traditional compensation marketing plans. In this context, we can say that Warren Buffet and their products have no doubt had taken a leap over Pampered Chef.

Customer Reviews for Pampered Chef:
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Review Title: Reviewed By: Rating: Helpful?:
Recent Experience: Lynn from Hubertus WI 4 Stars. 267 of 504
A view from the inside: Phyllis from Monroe, NY USA 4 Stars. 364 of 425
One Flat Souffle: Yolanda Rivera Sopranos from Austin, TX USA 1 Star. 245 of 458
Bittersweet chocolate: Karen Richardson from Kyle,Texas,USA 2 Stars. 192 of 388
Pampered Chef Is A Great Business Opportunity: Karan Radcliffe from Traverse City, Michigan, USA 5 Stars. 195 of 280
Way To Pricey :(: Jennifer Writer from Mount Wolf, PA 1 Star. 157 of 426
Have not received order: EMMA FRANCIS from NEWTON, KS USA 1 Star. 53 of 190
More than just a money-making opportunity: Kate Stoddard from Los Alamos, NM USA 5 Stars. 204 of 216
Pampered Chef: Has Great Products: Danielle from Wilmington, NC, USA 4 Stars. 163 of 179
Pampered Chef Rep Needs to Bring Change to the Shows: Anonymous from South Carolina 3 Stars. 9 of 21
Successful People Selling Pampered Chef Spread the Love: Janine from Clarksville, TN, USA 4 Stars. 16 of 17
Solid Facts About Pampered Chef Business Model: Catalena from California 5 Stars. 48 of 50
Pampered Chef Return Policy is Fabulous!: Sarah D. Crandall from Pawcatuck, CT USA 5 Stars. 24 of 30
Pampered Chef's Poor Return Policy: Marilyn Vermunt from Canada 2 Stars. 23 of 78
The Pampered Chef Has Made Food and Money Much Better: Kimberly Clemens from Michigan 5 Stars. 20 of 22
Good Food and Family Are Priorities for Pampered Chef: Jami from Clifton, IL USA 4 Stars. 9 of 9
Pamperd Chef Pyramid Structure Concentrates Money at the Top: Anonymous from Old Orchard Beach, Maine 1 Star. 30 of 60
Returning Products Is Easy With Pampered Chef: Shannon from Alberta Canada 4 Stars. 14 of 15
Pampered Chef Pampers Their Customers With Good Return Policy: Anonymous from Omaha, NE 4 Stars. 16 of 19
Hard Working Consultants Make Money With Pampered Chef: Anonymous from Waxahachie, TX 5 Stars. 26 of 27
Quality Products and Service Are Cornerstones of Pampered Chef: Ramona Combs from Milford, OH 5 Stars. 22 of 22
Pampered Chef Showers You In Support: Lorna from Vancouver Island, Canada 5 Stars. 15 of 17
Stay At Home Mom Has to Quit Pampered Chef: Wendy Hara from Portsmouth, VA USA 3 Stars. 32 of 57
Beware of Pampered Piranha's in Upper Management: Anonymous from Texas 1 Star. 34 of 44
Pampered Chef Has Great Benefits: Lorraine from In a small town 5 Stars. 9 of 9
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